Setup Instructions

Amazon Future Engineer Workshop - Summer 2020

When you first receive your robot, you will want to prepare it by taking it out of its box, installing the battery, and charging the robot.

Once your robot is charged, you can setup your computer and robot.

Installing Your Battery

The manual has instructions for properly installing the battery. Look at the instructions closely to ensure you install it in the right direction.

Charging Your Robot

Now that you have your robot, use the microUSB cable to charge it. You can charge it from a computer or from a USB wall charger.

Connecting to Your Computer

The instructions for connecting your robot to your computer are in the links below. We recommend the first set of instructions, but you may need to try the second, somewhat more challenging instructions if your computer is a bit older.

Option 1: Connect directly using Bluetooth Low Energy

Option 2: Connect via Chrome App using Bluetooth or USB (Advanced)